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The Chippy’s Subscription Box is the perfect British gift for yourself, your family, or your friends. Once a month, you will receive your British box in the mail. All items are imported from England and will always include 1 canned drink, 1 packet of crisps, and 8 candy bars. Each shipment will be different (during the summer months we will not include chocolate bars).

Cancel your subscription anytime. Each time your monthly subscription charges, we will send you a new box. Shipping and tracking is included in the price!

Once you have created your subscription, we will call you for the mailing address you want the subscription box mailed to. Sign up by either clicking on the link below, calling Chippy's Des Moines at 515-289-4600, or by visiting the store in person. - subscribe_PNG73.png

Service available to the lower 48 states.

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